The Dictionary of
Robbers, Rogues,
and Thieves—1737

by Nathan Bailey

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The Dictionary of
Robbers, Rogues, and Thieves—1737

by Nathan Bailey

A new eBook edition of a rarely published work, The Dictionary of Robbers, Rogues, and Thieves1737, is an amazing and amusing collection of English slang of the 18th Century.

Nathan Bailey, the distinguished British scholar, philologist, and lexicographer, published this collection of over a thousand words and expressions of his day, and presented them with definitions and examples of their usage. Included are such humorous but obsolete expressions such as a Cold-Cook (an undertaker), a Pig-Widgeon (a silly fellow), Feather-Bed-Lane (a rough stretch of road), Laced Mutton (a woman), a Nanny-House (a bawdy-house), and words we don't dare define here, such as Whirlegigs, Clicketing, Beard-splitter, and "To Blow off Loose Corns". A must for anyone interested in the language of the common man in the 1700s.

Also included is Benjamin Franklin's side-splitting collection of 238 words and phrases describing drunkenness in THE DRINKER'S DICTIONARY, also published in 1737. Included are such expressions for intoxication as "He's drunk as a wheel barrow", "He's been too free with Sir John Strawberry", and "He's had a thump on the head with Samson's Jawbone".

This eBook is one of the most historically complete and accurate accounts of slang expressions of the 1700s.

• eBook (EPUB and PDF Formats), 148 pages

• Over 1,700 Slang Definitions in
The Dictionary of Robbers, Rogues, and Thieves

228 expressions for Drunkenness in
The Drinker's Dictionary

• Publisher's Notes, Nathan Bailey Biography

• Interactive Table of Contents

• Pub. Date: June 1, 2011

• Publisher: The Bartholomew Press



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