Large seven by ten foot map digitally restored by Keith West. This map is the focal point of a large exhibit at the museum at Fort Ligonier (Ligonier PA).

A variety of museum services are available, including the following:
Design of large-format digital graphics and maps, posters, brochures.
Example: Pennsylvania 1758, 2007. Map details progress of the British army in Pennsylvania, 1754 - 1758.
Digital Restoration of Paintings, Drawings and Photographs.
  Example: Digital Restoration of Oil Painting, Sir John Ligonier by Joshua Reynolds, 1995 (1)
Exhibit research, design and construction.
Example: Historical research, design and construction of exhibit, "The Cabinet of Curiosities," featuring an accurate interpretation of an eighteenth-century museum with authentic and reproduction artifacts. Exhibit created for the Clark County Historical Society (Springfield, Ohio), 1995.
Production and post-production of instructional and training videos, including state-of-the-art special visual effects.
Photography of museum collections, including safe handling of rare historic artifacts.
  Example: Photographed Fort Ligonier Collection (over 500 artifacts), ca. 2001 - 2007.
Historical research services.
Example: Author, "The Book of the Fair. 1700 - 1825." published in 1989. Extensive historical research on the subject of eighteenth-century English fairs. This book has since become a primary resource for researchers on this subject.
Recreation of period stage scenery and props.
Researched and created reproductions of authentic historic clothing (men's and women's) ca. 1750 -1815.
Example: Historical research, design and construction of eighteenth-century stage scenery for the Clark County Historical Society (Springfield, Ohio), 1986-1987.
Example: Co-producer and Co-director, "The Beggar's Opera," performed in 1993. A historically accurate eighteenth-century ballad opera production presented by the Clark County Historical Society (Springfield, Ohio) and Opera Americana (Alexandria, Virginia). Keith West also performed the lead role of Macheath, singing twelve songs.
  Example: Research, design and construction of multimedia exhibit, "Phantasmagoria," a recreation of a late eighteenth-century Parisian entertainment. "Phantasmagoria" featured a rear-projection screen with multiple projectors and soundtracks to recreate the early "ghost show." Approximately fifteen thousand people viewed the exhibit. Exhibit created for the Clark County Historical Society (Springfield, Ohio), 1982 (revised 1984, 1985).
Examples are provided on the Gallery pages.

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